Prepare cloth diapers before use


How to prepare synthetic materials: 

Wash once with detergent. Dry. Use.

Synthetic materials include: microfiber, micropolar, suede, fleece, polyester etc. 


How to prepare bamboo: 

Bamboo is actually viscose after being machined. Prepare all bamboo, bamboo charcoal, and bamboo-microfiber mixtures like synthetic fabrics. Wash once with laundry. Dry. Use. 

It is only the marketing of manufacturers that sells bamboo as a natural fiber, and therefore makes us believe that it contains oils, but it is not. The improvement in absorption, which can be seen during the washes, is due to intensive machining and therefore to the fibres that relax, not to the oils. 

Some charcoal bamboo insert marks may contain a pale grey dye and have a reputation for rubbing off on whites when preparing. Don't worry, it leaves after a few washes, it's not permanent. You can also simply wash your charcoal bamboo inserts alone the first time. 


How to prepare cotton and hemp: 

Wash twice with detergent in hot water. Dry only when both washes are completed. The drying process only opens the fibers, it does nothing to remove the oils. Hemp and cotton contain natural oils, but good laundry will remove enough of them in two washes. Many people use it after a single wash and have no problem with leaks. 


How to prepare a second buttocks diaper: 

It is best to strip and disinfect the diapers, depending on the listings available on the site. Then wash and dry. You will find the methods for each stage on the dedicated sheets (in french). 


Is it possible to prepare all my diapers together (natural fibers, synthetic fibers)? 

Yes, no problem. If you receive a new diaper, you can also simply add it to the second cycle of your usual diaper wash. Or if you don't have diapers to wash that day and you're in a hurry to use your new diaper, you can add it to any other wash to do that day. In this case, use compatible detergent, and do not wear a softener.


Is it useful to boil my cloth diapers?

Boiling natural fibres is not necessary. And it can damage synthetic fibers, melt pressure (snap) and ruin modern cloth diapers. It is therefore not recommended to boil its cloth diapers.

Some manufacturers report that their diapers can be washed up to 95 degrees. Always check the labels beforehand. 


Can natural oils coat synthetic fibers? 

As long as you use a suitable detergent compatible with cloth diapers, the oils will not settle on the other fabrics. The role of detergent is to stop the transfer of fat from one tissue to another. You won't have any problems adding your synthetic fabrics to your second natural fabric wash, so that everything is finished after the second wash. 


There is no reason why you can't use your diapers after a single wash.

You will simply notice that absorption will increase as the washing progresses. But it's not enough to waste water and time washing it several times before using it the first time. Manufacturers' chemicals and natural oils will be removed after a good wash with effective detergent.