3x Menstrual Pads Hemp Lulu Nature


Set of 3 washable menstrual pads Lulu Nature regular flow in ultra soft antifungal and antibacterial hemp.

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The benefits of washable menstrual pads are numerous. First, they are environmentally friendly. No need to throw several non-recyclable used pads in the trash each month. With our products, you just have to wash them to reuse them, a real gesture for the planet. You will also be a winner in terms of expenses. Imagine how much you spend each year on disposable pads. Finally, you'll also gain comfort. The composition and manufacture of our washable pads limit allergies and possible irritation caused by their disposable cousins. 

The washable menstrual pads holds firm in place in your underwear thanks to 2 fins + one snap.

Waterproof and breathable exterior face in PUL.

55% hemp / 45% organic cotton.

Length 23 cm - width 6 cm.


Manufacturing in Vendée (France)

Natural and organic textiles, serving the well-being of baby and his family.