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Test set rental OS


This batch allows you to test various models before making a choice, it allows you to turn exclusively in cloth diaper for 24 hours.


Rental price: 10.- CHF per week

Deposit 140.- CHF (returned in full at the end of the rental, except special conditions: see description below)


The rental amount will be charged separately. Contact us to let us know how long it will take to rent.

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1x Mama Koala (pocket diaper) with 1 microfibre insert

1x Thirsties (pocket diaper) with 1 hemp/organic cotton insert and 1 microfiber insert

1x Thirsties natural in hemp/organic cotton (all-in-one)

1x GroVia O.N.E (all-in-one) with 2 inserts

1x GroVia Hybrid (all-in-two)

2x GroVia inserts in organic cotton (for use in the GroVia Hybrid)

1x Smart Bottoms (cover/all-in-two)

1x AmBum trifold bamboo/cotton/microfibre with dry effect (for use in Smart Bottoms)

2x Popolini Stay Dry Effect liners

1x Popolini OS organic cotton (fitted diaper) with an organic cotton insert

1x Popolini Vento size L (diaper cover) (to put on top of the fitted Popolini diaper)


Explanations for the maintenance are provided.


Once your rental is complete, when the lot is back in store, it will pass a quick inspection. If everything is in order, the deposit will be returned to you in full.

If the diapers have stubborn stains, and have a lot of refurbishment work following improper maintenance, the amount of products needed for their refurbishment will be deducted from the amount of the deposit. 

If diapers are missing or unusable for a future rental, the purchase price to replace them will be deducted from the deposit.


Each batch of diaper automatically goes through a stripping and disinfection, then is washed, before reaching a new baby. The lot you receive is ready to use.

This maintenance is offered.


For logistical reasons, rentals are reserved for the Swiss territory.