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AmBum Night Trifold

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A large rectangle of 3 layers of bamboo/cotton with superior absorption capacity, the third of which is covered with 2 layers of microfiber. Foldin in 3 this gives 11 layers of absorbent fabric. All while remaining relatively thin.

Absorption: 660 ml minimum.

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For the comfort of baby and the safety of her little buttocks, we covered the microfiber with a layers of awj (ultra-thin sports fabric that creates a stay dry effect). It can therefore be used in a diaper cover or a pocket diaper.

The bamboo reached are maximum absorption after a dozen washing, but as soon as the first uses, it will be absorbent.

Absorption: 660 ml minimum.

Pre-processed before delivery so no bad surprise for form and size.

Dimensions when folded into 3: about 33x14 cm.

Composition: 70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton, woven in Montreal.

The microfiber part is made of 80% poly microfiber and 20% polynosic. 

The beautiful star awj is made of 100% polyester, woven in Montreal.


Made in Quebec by AmBum Creations.