A short cycle with strong spin, to rinse the cloth diapers well (not just a pre-wash),

And a long cycle with strong spin, for deep cleaning.


Filling the drum for optimal washing: between 1/2 and 2/3 of its volume capacity for the second cycle (no minimum required for the first cycle).

Do not put a large bath towel (for example) to complete, it can trap the cloth diapers inside during washing, preventing friction, and the cloth diapers will be badly washed.


You need to know your type of water (soft, moderate, hard, very hard) in order to adapt the dosage of the laundry detergent. The dosage should be put to the highest level of dirt, depending on what is recommended on the laundry box. 

Not enough laundry detergent: it won't wash well enough, there will be residues of urine, stool, and minerals, which will cause odors and irritations.

Too much laundry detergent: there will be too much foam, it will prevent a good friction, and therefore a good wash, moreover, the diapers will still be full of foam at the end of the wash.


You can use any compatible laundry detergent (without softener, saponified oils). 

Enzymes help with cleaning. They specialize in some kind of thing. They do not "eat" the tissue and do not cause irritation.