To wash cloth diapers well, it takes 2 consecutive cycles. The first one serves as an effective prewash, and the second one that washes in depth. It is important to note that the prewash available on washing machines is not enough.


The first cycle:

This must be a complete cycle at maximum 40 degrees, which lasts at least 30 minutes (but may last longer). It does not have to be a delicate cycle / wool or a simple rinse / spin.

We are looking for a cycle with a good friction, and that squeezes quickly (1200 rpm). Spinning is particularly important for the first cycle, because it is it that allows good drainage of urine and stool residues out of the fibers. In the case of machines that do not go fast enough, it is necessary to add a spin only after the first cycle, as fast as the machine can do. It is also important to look for how many kg is designed cycle. These kilograms represent the weight of dirty laundry.


In short:

Minimum 30 minutes cycle designed for the number of kg to wash (or more).

At maximum 40 degrees.

With a good friction.

And that squeezes at 1200 rpm minimum.


The second cycle:

It takes a cycle that lasts at least 1h30 (90 min). With a good friction. We are looking for cycles of 40 to 60 degrees, which are not "eco". In fact, the "eco" cycles reduce the consumption of water and energy, and for diapers (which are very dirty linen), it is necessary to put the means. Often, the "cotton" cycle is the most suitable.

Also make sure to take a cycle designed for the number of kg to wash (or more).


In short:

Cycle of at least 1h30 (90 min) designed for the number of kg adapted.

With a good friction.

Which wrings well, to reduce the drying time.


Dosage of the laundry detergent:

The laundry detergent is dosed depending on the type of water, the degree of dirt and the weight of the laundry.

The recommended dose should be put in the second cycle, and about 1/3 of this dose in the first cycle.


Not enough laundry detergent: it will not wash well enough, there will be residues of urine, stool, and minerals, which will cause odors and irritations.

Too much laundry detergent: there will be too much foam, it will prevent a good friction, and therefore a good wash, moreover, the layers may be badly rinsed at the end of the wash cycle.


Any compatible laundry detergent (without fabric softener, without vegetable soap, without cocoate) can be used.