For the first wash of new cloth diapers, it's very simple.

Just wash them once, with the laundry detregent you have chosen, which is compatible with cloth diapers (without softener, saponified oils).

A normal cycle with little laundry detergent is enough (it's clean laundry).


Note that natural fibers (cotton, hemp) and bamboo, will gain absorption over the washing and will be at the top around ten washes.

Geffen inserts, for example, start to perform very well after 5-6 washes. So don't be too surprised if you have some leak worries before reaching these few washes.


It is not necessary to wash the inserts several times before use, or to soak them. If your inserts are made of natural fibers, you should simply think about changing your baby more often at first.

The "standard" for a cloth diaper is to be changed every 2-3 hours during the day.


Microfibre inserts do not increase their absorption capacity over time. They are already at full absorption capacity after a single wash.


You can wash everything together. There is no need to separate natural fibres from synthetic fibres.