Prefold Geffen Fleece

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4 layers of ultra soft, knitted 60% hemp, 40% organic cotton fleece.

Fold and place in a cover or pocket diaper.

Excellent heavy wetter & night time diapering option can also be layered with absorbers for more absorbency.

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Size dimensions & absorbency:

XS: (Orange) 26 x 28,5 cm after prep with absorbency of 270-300 ml. Use in XS/S diapers and on newborn babies.

S: (Green) 31 x 34 cm after prep with absorbency of 385-415 ml. Use in small diapers and on infants.

M/L: (Lavender) 35 x 39 cm after prep with absorbency of 475-500 ml. Use in M/L diapers and on crawlers/walkers.

XL: (Navy) 40,5 x 46,5 cm after prep with absorbency of 680-710 ml. Use in XL/toddler diapers, or folded for smaller babies.


Sold individually


Made in the USA 

All shrinkage and absorbency estimates are approximate and vary based on fabric batch.



When out of stock, these items are available for pre-order. 

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