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AmBum Trifold Bamboo/Cotton/Microfiber Stay Dry

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The Trifold AmBum Bamboo/Cotton/Microfiber with stay dry effect is perfect for all cloth diaper models, as it folds to the right width every time.

** INTEGRATED STAY DRY EFFECT ** a thin, soft awj covers the microfiber part for use in a diaper cover or for those who do not like the texture of the microfiber. 100% polyester fabric made in Quebec.


Microfiber has the advantage of absorbing faster than natural fibers, when baby pees big, there is less risk of leakage. 

Fold in 3 you get 8 layers of bamboo/cotton/microfiber of superior absorption capacity, in a relatively thin format compared to two inserts of 4 layers.

It also dries faster than a 4 layers insert as it is made of only 2 layers.

The advantage of this trifold is that it combines the best of both worlds: the speed of absorption and the amount of absorption, without the compression leaks.

In addition, it reduces the assembly time of the cloth diaper, everything is already ready in 1 insert. You fold in 3 and hop, in the diaper.


It will reach its maximum absorption capacity after 10-12 washes.

Absorption: 540 ml minimum.


You may notice a few small spots on bamboo, it's quite normal since it is not treated with chemicals.

It is pre-treated before cutting, so no bad surprise for the size after washing, it will remain great.


Composition: 70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton.

The fabric comes from Montreal. The insert is handmade by AmBum Creations.